Generic Ink and Toner: Are they Safe?

The debate on the safety of using generic inks and toners has raged on for decades with no end in sight. So, is it safe to use the generic inks or toners?

Notably, the price of ink and toners are incredibly high today. Therefore, people are rushing for alternative answers that are pocket-friendly. And you know what? The high prices of ink and toners are not about to get any better because manufacturers are focused on optimizing profits. It is because of this that some printers have very low price tags. But wait until you need a replacement cartridge. It is almost the price of the printer or more. You see, the printer’s designer targeted to create a market for cartridges by selling cheap printers.

Enter the Generic Options

The generic ink and toners are designed to offer a cheaper solution. For example, it is not uncommon to see ad pages shouting “clients who purchased this also bought this  …” from printers of all sizes to varying shapes, there are countless numbers of generic options. For example, a simple search for “generic ink” will give hundreds of options. Also, you might come across some horrifying experiences by users of generic solutions. So, are they safe?

The answer to the question is, yes. The fact is that most generic inks and toners work. But you will still find some that do not. This means that there are solutions that will work well and others that will not. The secret is how carefully you read reviews about every brand.

There are times when the price tag is relatively high. This might be caused by the fact that the printer requires you to use a special chip. Often, these chips are never easy to replicate. Therefore, even the cost of some generics could also be relatively high. But it is also possible to find a fairly priced generic option.

A Closer Look at Different Generic Alternatives

  • In the market today, there are common knockoffs of varying cartridges available at affordable rates. But these generic solutions could yield good or negative results. To know the better option for your situation, we recommend that you carefully look at the reviews. The best method is selecting top solutions with over 3-star rating out of the possible 5 stars. For example, if you find a solution with many genuine users rating it 4.5 stars, it is likely to be a great option.

Note that a good generic solution does not simply mean it is working, but also implies it gives top-notch printing as the main brand. In some cases, the results could even be better.

  • Today, there are refillable kits that allow you to simply utilize the same cartridge without disposing of. You simply refill. Notably, these are not recommended because they are in many instances messy. For example, you are likely to soil your hands, damage the papers, and get poor quality prints. Although there are a few customers with positive stories about refillable kits, many are those who have been greatly disappointed.

How to Find the Perfect Generic Toner for Your Printer

Notably, getting the right cartridge for your printer is not difficult. Let us consider you have purchased this Brother DCP-L2550DW printer. You will smile every moment of your printing effort because a generic Brother DCP-L2550DW Toner will work just like the original. To get a generic toner for the printer, simply check into top online e-commerce sites such as Amazon and visit the printer’s page. That was easy, right?

When you scroll down the page or check the items that are bought together with the Brother DCP-L2550DW printer, a number of generic toner cartridge solutions will also be listed there. In this case, you can get the toner cartridge for just $9.9 which is awesome, considering the cost of the printer is $69.95.

In the event that you do not get toner cartridge in the section of the items “frequently purchased together,” try to establish the cartridge model that will work with the printer. In our case, Brother DCP-L2550DW printer, a TN760 toner will work well. Therefore, go ahead and search for a generic toner using the toner number. You will find it there.

Make sure to check for the options with attractive prices and then dig deeper to read a number of reviews. This will help you to avoid the toners that disappointed previous users. If a toner cartridge has negative reviews such as drying up rather fast and poor printouts, you should hold back from purchasing it. Why buy a toner when the chances are that you will be another highly disappointed client? However, a toner with more positive reviews is likely to yield good results for you too.

When you decide to use generic options, it is possible to get the same number of printed pages compared to the original options. For example, we used Brother example because we have a number of its printers in our facility and they have been amazing using the generic cartridges. We are satisfied with the generic solutions and there is no looking back.

To conclude this, the answer to the main topic question is yes. But you should appreciate that there are instances when generic solutions do not work. For example, if you have a printer that requires a chip for the cartridge to work, generic solutions might not be reliable. Although the cases are uncommon, the truth is that the risk is still there. You need to carefully read through reviews to separate the good from bad solutions. For example, poor print quality, leaking cartridges and common failure will be reported in reviews. You need to cite these by reading reviews. If for one reason or another, it is impossible to get a good generic solution that is reliable for your printer, the chances are that you are the unlucky one. In such a case, it is advisable to stick to the recommended ink and toner of the printer brand. But we hope you will get one. Ink and toner solutions do not have to drain your entire pocket!